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Mirror Khason: Why Microsoft Can Blow off with C

Mirror khason why microsoft can blow off with C - MIT Technology Review recently interviewed Bjarne Stroustrup in a two-part article (first part, second part). Bjarne could be the inventor of C ++ programming language. In fact, it maintains a complete FAQ with C ++  microsoft that answers all sorts of questions about C ++. Here are a few excerpts from interviews that I found extraordinary microsoft: C ++ really gets too "expert" when the level of formal software developer training has dropped on average. The solution, however, is not to reduce programming languages, but to use different programming languages ​​and to train more experts. There must be a language used by experts - and C ++ is one of those languages. What I did was to design C ++ as the first system programming language: I will be able to write device drivers, integrated systems, and other code needed to directly use the hardware. Next, I want C ++ to be a good language for design tools. This requires fle