Mirror Khason: Why Microsoft Can Blow off with C

Mirror khason why microsoft can blow off with C -
MIT Technology Review recently interviewed Bjarne Stroustrup in a two-part article (first part, second part). Bjarne could be the inventor of C ++ programming language. In fact, it maintains a complete FAQ with C ++  microsoft that answers all sorts of questions about C ++.

Here are a few excerpts from interviews that I found extraordinary microsoft:

C ++ really gets too "expert" when the level of formal software developer training has dropped on average. The solution, however, is not to reduce programming languages, but to use different programming languages ​​and to train more experts. There must be a language used by experts - and C ++ is one of those languages.

What I did was to design C ++ as the first system programming language: I will be able to write device drivers, integrated systems, and other code needed to directly use the hardware. Next, I want C ++ to be a good language for design tools. This requires flexibility and performance, but also the ability to express an elegant interface. My view is that to do things from a higher level, to make a complete application, it is first necessary to buy, build, or borrow a library that provides the right abstraction. When people have problems with C ++, the real problem is often that they do not have an appropriate library or they cannot find an available library.

Other languages ​​have tried to support higher-level applications more directly. This works, but often this support has a special fee. Personally, I don't want to design tools that can only do what I want, for the purpose of generalization.

I think [making computer language easier for most people] would be wrong. The idea of ​​programming as a semi-simple task exercised by people with several months of training is dangerous. We can not tolerate plumbers or bookkeepers with poor education. We do not have a goal of making architecture (buildings) and engineering (bridges and trains) more accessible to people with ever lower education. In fact, the biggest problem is that even today many software developers are poorly trained and poorly trained.

In frequently asked questions and in the interviews, Bjarne seemed pretty defensive about C ++ and its role in the history of computer languages. Maybe because the meaning of C ++ has decreased over time, mainly for two reasons:

C ++ is fast but cruel. It is the right solution in an era of limited data processing resources. But we left it a long time ago; we live in an era of abundance. We have more computing power than we might know what to do with desktops. Even naïve solutions to most computer problems are "pretty fast" today. Computers are getting faster every day, but programmer brains are sadly not. It would be useless not to exchange parts of the abundant raw power to make things easier for us. It's time to expand to the trillion dollar programming pyramid.

C ++ is designed for every possible programming task, from the lowest level to the highest level. It makes sense to use C ++ to write the operating system kernel and the device driver. But when was the last time you used C ++ to write an application line or company website? C ++ is probably the last generalist language. Because it can do all these things, complicated and dangerous. Other languages ​​do not attempt to extend the full range of programming to low to high level; simplifies attacks on problem-specific, high-level domains.

C ++ is an important milestone in the development of computer languages. There will always be a place in the toolbox for a C ++ programmer, but I would say that it is increasingly becoming a special language for a very specific part of programming activities. The most important question to ask about any language today is not how fast or how general, but how well does it protect you from yourself? Stroustrup has a good quote that says it all:

C makes it easy for you to shoot yourself in the foot; C ++ makes it more difficult, but when you do, you make the whole leg jump.


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